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Milton in World War II

This page introduces a high altitude aerial photo we were given access to. It shows Milton and the area around it and, judging by the features, it was taken late in World War II. At this time there was a large rail depot and a barracks on the land now occupied by the Science Park, A14, travellers site and the land fill. The barracks was also a PoW camp late in the war.

The full photograph is shown below. You can click on some areas to go to a zoom photo of that area, some with commentary.

Rail depot Army camp Country park Milton village Landbeach village Sewage works

If you want to see the original photograph, and you have broadband, you can download the original image here but be warned it's 14MB.

If you've got Google Earth you can also view the photograph overlayed on top of Milton by clicking here. By toggling the layer on and off or turning on the "roads" layer you can easily compare how Milton is now to how it was then.

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