Kay: 07539486028 / telos.org.uk
Milton Community Centre
Mondays 18:15 or Wednesdays 13:30
£12 cash for new, non-members. Reduced fees available thereafter

Try Qigong “chee kong”, a traditional Chinese activity for health. Whether interested in acupuncture or not, practicing Qigong stimulates your own acupuncture points and channels through meditative movement in an active, light outdoor exercise class – no needles involved! 
Our Qigong is a simple, natural approach to keeping the body moving for good health. My great grand teacher continued to practice until she passed in 2002 at the age of 104 and was one of the most sought after Qigong grandmasters in China and abroad.
All skill levels are welcome. Class is for adults aged 18 and over. Contact Kay – 30th generation Sifu of the Kunlun Dayan Qigong skill with direct lineage dating back over 1800 years.

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