For more details of how to advertise on this web site visit our page on supporting our web site however we do also have a “Businesses in Milton” page where we list, for free, the web sites of businesses and other employers in the village itself.

This is not a business directory – maintaining one of those would involve us in far too much work checking all your details are up to date – it’s just a list of web sites. So if you have a business in Milton but you don’t have a web site then you need to get one before you can appear on that page.


We do not advertise events outside Milton. Being located next to Cambridge which has a great number of events happening every day we would end up being yet another listings web site for Cambridge – and we don’t have the time to do that either.

If you want to find web sites which carry listings for what’s going on in Cambridge then Keith Edkins’ Cambridge Web guide is probably a good place to start.