Editorial policy for Milton News

Milton News is a volunteer-run news blog which aims to update the residents of Milton, Cambridgeshire, with up-to-date news items that are specifically related to the village. The website does not report on more general Cambridge/Cambridgeshire-based news unless it specifically impacts Milton itself.

1. Regular recurring events
We would not report on regularly recurring events (i.e. on weekly church services or classes etc) unless it is to announce a new regular recurring event, change in time/date etc. or the end of such an event.

2. Advertising policy
We would only report on new/temporary deals rather than recurring events/deals. We will use neutral and impartial language when publicising local businesses (see 3. Impartiality for more details). Businesses must be Milton-based in order to be reported upon.

3. Impartiality
As a news website, we do not publish opinion pieces and aim to report in an unbiased and neutral manner so that Milton News remains an impartial source of information on the village.

4. Accuracy
We will aim to be as accurate as possible with our posts and should we subsequently find that one of our articles spreads false information, we shall endeavour to remove it from the website as soon as possible.

5. Harm and offence
We do not condone racism, homophobia, sexism or any other kind of hate speech on our website. If an article is found to cause harm or offence, then we shall endeavour to remove it from the website as soon as possible.

6. Privacy
We respect the privacy of contributing individuals and will withhold names if they request us to do so when reporting. Additionally, we will not post personal photos or images of people without their consent. However, if these have been supplied by another organisation or published on another public website, we will assume consent has been given.

7. Use of images
If using images that have been supplied by another person, organisation or already published on another public website, we shall credit them accordingly.

8. Inclusivity and accessibility
We will endeavour to be as inclusive and accessible as possible with the resources available and will not condone discrimination in any form.

9. Mistakes and complaints
Complaints and mistakes will be treated fairly and, if reasonable, we will aim to correct/remove the offending content from the website as soon as possible.