Reporting Problems

Traditionally if you spotted a problem in Milton which required council intervention the best way to report it, especially if you weren’t sure which council you needed to speak to, was to report it to the parish council clerks’ office who would then pass it on to the right people. You can find their contact details on the parish council web site.

However to take some of the load off them here’s some tips.

Firstly street light faults are generally a county council problem and they’ve got both a web form and a freefone number you can use to contact them. More details here.

For other all issues which are district or county council related, the marvellous Fix My Street web site provides an ideal route for reporting faults. You report the fault and the web site automatically routes it to the right council. It seems to work pretty well.

To take an example in Milton Fen Road close to the level crossing was badly potholed and had been very wet as the road doesn’t drain well. Paul Oldham reported this on Sunday. By Wednesday morning a County Council officer had been there and had arranged for their contractors to both fill the pot holes and dig ditches (“grips”) to drain the water away into the land drains running parallel to the road.

You can see incident details here.

And not only does the fault get reported to the right council but our local councillors subscribe to the site so they get notified of all the issues you raise which is useful for them in knowing what is concerning the village.