Live Bus Times

By clicking on the links below you can view “live” bus times which will show you when the next few buses are due both for all the bus stops in the village (those inside the dotted boxes) and also the key stops on the routes served.

Some services get data direct from the bus so are real expected times of arrival are shown as number of minutes to arrival e.g. “6 Mins”, otherwise the timetabled arrival time is shown e.g. “10:15” and the bus may not arrive at that time, especially in the rush hour or indeed at all.

Southbound (to Cambridge) Northbound (towards Ely)
Market St, Ely, Stop B Bay 6, Drummer Street
Humphries Way Outside Science Park
Ely Road Tesco
One Stop Cambridge Road
Barnabas Court Edmund Close
Tesco Ely Road
Opposite Science Park Humphries Way
Market St, Ely, Stop A
Park & Ride Drummer Street, Stop D2

We also have times for the Guided Busway stops Science Park Westbound and Science Park Southbound as you may want to connect to busway routes from the service 9 or Park & Ride to continue your journey.