Your News

We can only publish your news if you tell us about it.

News posted here reaches many homes in Milton via the Milton News mailing list and Twitter as well as an unknown number via RSS. More importantly it’s read by people who want to read it unlike Cambridge News & Crier (If indeed you even get a copy of that, distribution in Milton now seems somewhat flaky) or Milton Village View which may drop through every letterbox but in many households remains unread. So it is well worth getting us to publish your news. We can also publish news very quickly, unlike the print media.

News items that are sent ready to be copy and pasted into Milton News will make the editorial team smile. Plain text sent via email is greatly preferred. Please also use the third person when writing articles (e.g. “they” rather than “we”) and use twelve hour format with colons for times, not full stops (e.g. “3:30pm” not “15.30”).

You can send us your news by email to and if you have a photo to go with the news then so much the better. If you prefer to use the Web you can use this form:

Other Ways of Getting Your News to Us

If your organisation has a mailing list which you don’t mind us reading then that’s an easy way of getting news to us. Similarly if, like us, you’ve got an RSS feed then give us the URL and we will monitor that for news.

Editorial Policy

Finally please note that it’s our decision as to what we publish. In this regard you should also be aware that we generally use a strict definition of “Milton News”. We often get asked to publicise events outside Milton, especially in Cambridge. Our view is that people subscribe to this news feed to get news about Milton. If they want to hear about events elsewhere they will read Cambridge News’ publications or subscribe to other, more relevant, news feeds. So please don’t be offended if we choose not to publish your news.

We also generally take the view that if you choose to post your news to milton-chat then we won’t mirror it on Milton News as most milton-chat subscribers are also Milton News subscribers. However as only about two thirds of Milton News subscribers also subscribe to milton-chat, and you also reach Twitter via Milton News, it’s probably in your interest to let us publish your news via Milton News rather than using milton-chat.