Milton Chat

milton-chat is an mailing list for discussion of all things related to the village of Milton, Cambridgeshire.

Anyone can post to it once they’ve subscribed to it and your postings are copied to everyone subscribed to the list and they then comment to your postings by replying to the mail.

To join the list visit

You can join the list without signing up to the list server, and everything will work, but if you want to be able to search the archives, or customise the way the list server sends you email (for example, if you want to receive batched digests, rather than every email individually) you will need to use the sign up button in the upper right of the above pages.

To post once you’ve joined the list you simply email but remember that this is a list for discussing things related to Milton. It not a general chat list: there are an infinity of those out there on the Net but milton-chat is not it.

To unsubscribe from the list, the quickest method is to send a blank email to

Recent posts

Milton Chat posts from November 2016 can be seen in the private archive at

Advertising on the List

If you are an individual you are welcome to post your adverts to milton-chat for items you want to sell or give away. If you are on Facebook you might also like to consider joining the Facebook group Milton Buy & Sell (Cambridge, UK).

If you are a business based in Milton you are welcome to post occasional adverts on milton-chat so long as you also take part in the rest of the discussions i.e. you don’t just post and then disappear until next time. By “occasional” we mean postings about the extraordinary, e.g. special events or promotions, rather than the routine and only once for each event or promotion. Thank you for your cooperation.

Posting with Attachments

You can post emails to the list with attachments. These will automatically be stripped off, stored on our server, and your email with be modified before it goes out to the list to add a link to each attachment.

We also reduce the size of any large photograph so that its maximum dimension is 800 pixels (a sensible size for viewing) so you don’t have to worry about re-sizing photos from your camera or phone before posting them to the list.

Posting in HTML

milton-chat is a plain text email list. If you post in HTML i.e. with the font of your choice, with tables, or with other other such features, then all of this will be stripped out. Our software does attempt to produce a plain text email which is as close to your original as possible, but it’s not a perfect process. So if you want full control you’re best to post in plain text, or at least not use any fancy formatting.