We occasionally get visitors to this web site mail us looking for help in tracing their family history so here’s some pointers to get you started.

  1. This is not the only Milton in England, far from it. There are lots, and even more in Scotland. For example if you search on StreetMap for Milton you get all these results. There’s also places like New Milton in Hampshire. So before you mail us are you sure this is the Milton you’re looking for?
  2. Some family names crop up again and again in Milton’s past: Day, Starling, Easy, Gunnell, Coulson for example. We often names new roads after old Milton families so it’s worth looking at our street map.
  3. It’s also worth reading our history pages, especially our page on the war memorial which lists the names of the fallen and has details about many of them.
  4. People were buried in the churchyard until around the end of the 19th century, after which they were buried at the cemetery in Landbeach Road. Initially this cemetery was the responsibility of the church but it’s now managed by the parish council. If you believe one of your relatives is buried in the cemetery then contact the parish council clerk for more information.
  5. The parish church only has burial records back to 1896 and christening records back to 1941. If you want to look in these then contact their adminstrator to make an appointment. For anything older the records are lodged in the County Archive at Shire Hall in Cambridge and you may need to visit there and search them yourself however …
  6. Cambridgeshire County Council has now uploaded over two million records onto the Internet. You can access it – for free – here. It allows people to find details about their family tree and order certificates easily. It also allows people to apply for more recent entries online and apply for copies of their own family’s records.

When asking anyone in the village for help bear in mind that it’s not part of their job description to help you research your family tree. Your only right is to access to the records yourself i.e. for you to turn up in person and do the search yourself. If they volunteer to search for you they are doing you a favour. Please remember that.