There are two bus services though Milton, the 9 and the Citi 2, plus the Park & Ride service which run from Butt Lane to the west of the village.

The 9 serves the village in the day time. Citi 2 serves Milton to Cambridge in the morning rush hour. In the evenings it serves the Cambridge to Milton route. See Traveline East Anglia for timetables.

All services go Cambridge city centre and the Citi 2 buses continue to Wulfstan Way, near Queen Edith Chapel.

Going in the other direction some 9 services goes to Ely and beyond and the peak times Citi 2 service goes to Landbeach and Waterbeach.

We are poorly served for mid-evening buses, and the only Sunday service is the Park & Ride.

We have live bus times available on our site.

The Cambridge area is generally well served with buses.

You can find bus timetables and maps on the County Council web site and Stagecoach have details of their services online including timetables and maps.

Using Cambridge Buses

It’s worth noting that generally speaking it’s cheaper to buy a Dayrider rather than a return if you’re going all the way into the city centre.
This offers unlimited travel for a day within Cambridge and the satellite villages, including Stagecoach services on the guided busway, and it’s well worth considering, especially if you want to change buses.

In addition Park & Ride tickets (which are cheaper) can be used on other Park & Ride services to get to other parts of Cambridge (although, be warned, these have limited stops in the day time).