Refuse Collection

In Milton we have our rubbish collected in wheeled bins.

There are three bins: black, green and blue. The bins are emptied on alternate Fridays* with black being emptied one week and green and blue the other. In broad terms:

  • blue is for recyclable waste like paper, cardboard, plastic, foil, batteries (Batteries must be put in a bag hung from handle of the blue bin), bottles, and tins.
  • green is for compostable waste including garden waste and food scraps.
  • black is for general waste, everything that doesn’t go in the other two.

During the winter, the frequency of green bin collections is reduced.

This is only the briefest summary. For full details of what you can currently put into each bin, see this page on the South Cambridgeshire District Council web site.

Recycling facilities are also provided at Tesco and at the centre on Butt Lane.  Also, the Children’s Hospice operate a pickup service – call Mr. Wilson on 243800 and let him know what you have, he will arrange a time to collect from your door. They happily take children’s shoes and clothes as well as the more usual adult items.

* except on a Bank Holiday when they’re usually collected the following day; the dates are always included in the Milton News emails.

If you have a device equipped with Amazon Alexa, we support a skill which allows you to ask your device when the next collection is and of what type.  If you wish to enable it, you will find it here.