AF Butcher

Sergeant 1881458 Alfred Frank Butcher. Air Gunner 49 Sqdn., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Sgt. Butcher was aircrew in a Lancaster which was shot down whilst returning from a mission over Germany, on the 9th Jan. 1945. He was aged 35. He is buried in the Old Communal Cemetery of Villeneuve-Saint Georges near Paris. He was married with 6 children and a pregnant wife. He volunteered for service in the RAF even though he was exempt due to his occupation. Cambridge University at the Plant Breeding Institute at Huntingdon Road employed him as an agricultural worker. He enlisted in 1943 because of his younger brother’s death. (See C.W. Butcher.)

There were four surviving sons and two daughters. Alfred Butcher’s son Frank (Pat) lived in Milton, as did the late Paul Butcher. Pat’s widow still lives in Milton. The rest of his family is spread as far the USA, the Isle of Wight, Beck Row in Suffolk and Cambridge.
His widow died in 1985.

(Information from Pat Butcher 08/01/01, Claude Archambault & Jim Daniels Jan 2017)

The above details are taken from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission online register. You can see the record by clicking here.