Buses – Citi 2

The Citi 2 provides a service into Cambridge and on to Addenbrooke’s hospital. In the day time the service only goes as far as the Science Park (shown in red on the map) however it runs from Milton into Cambridge in the morning peak and from Cambridge to Milton in the evening peak and again late evening (shown in blue on the map) and on to Waterbeach and Landbeach.

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Even in the day time the Citi 2 service can still be useful as if you need to get to somewhere the Citi 2 serves it’s possible to get on a Park & Ride bus, purchase a Dayrider, get off opposite the Science Park, walk across and get onto the next Citi 2 bus. Alternatively get a 9, again on a Dayrider, to the stop opposite the Golden Hind and change there.

The Citi 2 service runs from Monday to Saturday service from the Science Park through Chesterton via Green End Road and Chesterton High Street into the city centre at Emmanuel Street. It then continues to Addenbrooke’s hospital via Mill Road and the ring road (with a short detour into the Birdwood Road estate). See box at the bottom for full route. The entire journey takes about 50 minutes end to end.

The return service follows basically the same route except it stops in St Andrews Street rather than Emmanuel Street.

You can find bus timetables and maps on the County Council web site and Stagecoach have details of their services online including timetables and maps.

Citi 2 – Complete Route

South through Milton across the A14 and then into the Science Park (morning peak in and evening peak out only).

From the Science Park into Milton Road, left into Green End Road, left again into Chesterton High Street through Chesterton, across Elizabeth Way and on down Chesterton Road, past Mitcham’s corner and Jesus lock, left into Magdelene Street and over the river, left again into Round Church Street, right into into Park Street, left into Jesus Lane down to the roundabout, right into Emmanuel Street, right and left into the next part of Emmanuel Street, and left into St Andrew’s Street.

Left into Park Terrace and then right down Parkside across the traffic lights into Mill Road. All the way down Mill Road to the end, right onto the ring road (called Perne Rd at the point), next left into Birdwood Road, right into Walpole Road, right into Cherry Hinton Road, then left into Wulfstan Way, right into Queen Edith’s Way and from there straight to Addenbrooke’s.

Return journey is basically the same except that from St Andrew’s Road it goes up Hobson Street to get to Jesus Lane, rather than via Emmanuel Street.