Buses – Park & Ride

The Park & Ride PR5 service runs from the car park on Butt Lane just west of Milton into Cambridge city centre (taking about 20 minutes) connecting with the other Park & Ride services, such as the PR4 service to Addenbrooke’s. Services run each way every ten minutes Monday to Saturday and every fifteen minutes on a Sunday throughout the day.

You can find more information, including a map, timetables and current charges, on the dedicated Cambridge Park & Ride web site.

Although it is outside the village it’s cheaper than the 9 and Citi 2 services and faster and more frequent so a lot of villagers walk, cycle or drive to Butt Lane Park and Ride west of Milton and pick up the bus from there. Parking at the site is free.

Be warned however that part of the reason it’s so fast is that it only stops at a very limited number of places between Park & Ride site and city centre in the day time. These stops are:

  • Science Park (before 9am this is the stop in the Science Park itself, after 9am it’s the stop outside Taylor Vinters opposite the Science Park entrance)
  • The Grafton (only on journeys towards Milton)
  • City centre – either Emmanuel Street (southbound) or Drummer Street (northbound)

Tickets can be bought on the buses, with cash or contactless cards.

Your Park & Ride ticket can also be used on all other Park & Ride services (although, be warned, these have limited stops in the day time) so (e.g.) you can continue on a PR4 bus if you’re going to Addenbrooke’s. Sadly your ticket is not valid on the 9 or Citi 2 service back towards Milton. If you want to do that little dance then, having paid for your parking only at the machine if you drove, get a Dayrider ticket from the driver when you board the bus at Butt Lane. The Dayrider ticket is valid on all Stagecoach buses around Cambridge including all Park & Ride services, Citi services, and the 9 service.