Leader/Contact: Tel: 07807 875878 (clients)
Tel: 01223 575698 (volunteers) / email

For residents of Waterbeach, Landbeach, Horningsea, Milton and Chittering. for social and medical purposes or any essential journey that could not be made by any other means.

We have have been running an ‘emergency service’ throughout the Covid-19 crisis, and we are expecting to resume a ‘fuller’ service in the near future. We ask that any client comes prepared with a face-mask, and freshly washed or ‘gelled’ hands.

Address: £6-12 per household per week
Leader/Contact: Clerk to Parish Council: 861447 /

For the frail, elderly and disabled within the community. More information on the parish council web site

Address: Barnabas Court
£4 per week (includes two course meal)
Leader/Contact: Margaret Nunn, / 01223 860829
When: Fridays from 10:30am-2:45pm

Day centre for frail and/or elderly in the village. Transport provided and cooked lunch. Outings, entertainment, companionship.

Currently suspended due to Covid.

Leader/Contact: Paul Harrold,18 High Street, Milton CB24 6AJ

Registered charity no. 287712 provides grants to organisations and individuals for the benefit of elderly persons in Milton.

Address: All Saints’ Church Hall
£3, plus 50p for transport if required
Leader/Contact: All Saints’ Church Office, 441007
When: Fortnightly on Thursdays from 12:30-2pm

A two-course meal served to elderly residents of Milton who live alone fortnightly on Thursday lunchtimes in All Saints’ Church Hall. Transport available. If you or someone you know would enjoy this please contact the church office.

Currently suspended to to COVID restrictions. Please check the website or call for more information.

Address: Free
Leader/Contact: Milton Parish Clerk, 861447
When: Fortnightly on Mondays

Fortnightly minibus service to Tesco for anyone who is elderly and infirm and without transport. The minibus runs on a Monday morning every other week and residents have approximately an hour at Tesco before their return journey. This is not only a useful service for residents but is also a social event for many. If you would like to access this service please let us know by calling the Parish Office on 01223 861447 or email: