Milton crime reporting

The Cambridgeshire Police web site offers detailed crime reporting for your neighbourhood so long as you’re prepared to dig into the site, find the
form you have to fill in, cope with millennium bug errors that still remain (note the default year is currently 105), and set the right switches. Then it will give you a list of those crimes reported in your community.

It’s really not very user friendly (much like most of the rest of their site to be brutally honest).

In an attempt to solve this I’ve written a little front end just for Milton. Click on any of the buttons on the right and you will be taken straight to the results page for that month on the police site.

Be aware that there currently seems to be a delay of a couple of weeks between the crime being reported and it appearing, so it’s of rather limited use as yet.

PS: be warned when you get there that the “Printable Version” link at the bottom of the page is broken.