Milton on Facebook

There are a number of Milton related groups and pages on Facebook. These are the ones we’re aware of which you might want to join or like respectively. Do let us know if there’s any we’ve missed (or if any disappear!).

Facebook Groups

  • Milton Community (Cambridgeshire, UK), for any questions/notices/chat about anything relevant to Milton.You may wonder how this is different from the milton-chat mailing list: Facebook is just a different context/style to an email list. Some people prefer one; some people prefer the other – and some people prefer both together! This isn’t intended to undermine milton-chat, but rather to run alongside it, and get more people linked into the community of Milton in different ways.
  • Milton Buy & Sell – for buying and selling unwanted/unused items in Milton.
  • Milton Under 5s – for the parents and carers of pre-school children who live in Milton or around Milton. It’s for sharing information, notices and events, as well as general conversation.

These are all “Closed” groups, to avoid spammers, but you shouldn’t have any problems joining them.

Facebook Pages