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what is this?

what it isn’t: the Milton Village web site. anything to do with Milton Parish Council. what it is: a place for me to put things related to Milton, Cambridgeshire … which is a village not a city despite the signs on the A14 off ramp. looking for milton-news? It’s over there —>>   http://news.milton.org.uk

about this site

This web site www.milton.org.uk is owned by me, Paul Oldham. You can find out far more than you really need to know about me on my home pages. milton.org.uk was actually my first choice as the domain for the village web site but at the time it was owned by a domain squatter. I have […]


Halloween is now traditionally a night of fun and frolics with children dressing up as ghosts or ghouls visiting houses in their neighbourhood, saying “Trick or Treat”. Cambridgeshire police are advising parents to follow these simple guidelines to ensure a trouble free evening for all: Ensure children are accompanied by a responsible adult. Explain how […]