Reporting Lighting Faults

Most street lights in Cambridgeshire are owned and maintained by the County Council, but some remain the direct responsibility of Parish and District Councils. All illuminated signs are maintained by the County Council. Regardless of ownership all reports can be made to one freephone telephone number or email address. If the report is for a light which is not looked after by the County Council details will be passed on to the appropriate Parish, Town, City or District Council. The only exception to this is a small number of lights which are the responsibility of the Highways Authority – see below for which are theirs and how to report faults with them.

To report a fault first identify the light or sign’s number which should be a black number on a white background eg CCC12, which you should report with the street in which the faulty light is located.

You can then pass the details on using this form on the County Council web site or by phoning 0800 253529.

Fault repairs are normally completed within 7 days of receipt of a report. Dangerous faults such as exposed electrical wiring are made safe within 2 hours. Faults resulting from problems with Electricity Company supply cables may take longer to repair than those which are under the council’s direct control.

Highways Authority

The County Council no longer maintain Trunk Road lighting the Highway Agency have taken responsibility back, and their contractor Owen Williams are now responsible for the lighting on the following roads: A47, A10, A11, A428, A14 (East of M11), A1 (north of A1139 junction)

All faults with lights and signs on these roads should be reported on 01223 860060.