A History of the Parish of Milton

We mentioned here recently that we now had “The Story of Milton, or Middleton, Cambridgeshire, From Early Times” by KP Humphries on the village web site. We also have online a copy of the earlier and more heavyweight work “A History of the Parish of Milton in the County of Cambridgeshire” which was written by William Keatinge Clay B.D, who was vicar of Waterbeach, and which was completed by the Rev WG Searle after Clay’s death. It was first published in 1869.

Clay has an annoying habit (not unsurprising given he’s a clergyman writing a book aimed at other educated men in the 1860s) of assuming his readers can read Latin so he occasionally inserts bits of Latin from other documents untranslated. We can’t read Latin and we suspect you can’t either. However if you can you could help us a lot by providing us with a translation of the sections which are in Latin. If that appeals then get in touch at news@milton.org.uk