The Pong

The sewage works “pong” was back with a vengeance again last weekend and has been the subject of some discussion this week on the milton-chat mailing list. In particular Jane Coston said that (with our highlighting added):

I met with the managers of the sewage works a few weeks ago and I was embarrassed to find that they had only received a few complaints over the summer.

We discussed a number of problems the site had been dealing with and the plans they had for improvements.
What I think is really important is that if there is a lot of complaints they would have more of case to get money to spend on improvements. Spending money on improvements can not be justified if there is little evidence of a problem. They say that if they were spending our money without justification we would complain about that.
So lets give them the justification if that is what is needed by all of us complaining when there is a smell.

The parish council web site has a page explaining how to complain so if you do smell it then please make the effort to complain (and remember: you’re complaining about the Cambridge Sewage Treatment Works not the Milton Sewage Works – the former is its name and that’s the only name Anglian Water know it by). There is a web form you can use if you prefer not to phone them.