Street Lights Off or Dim from 2am

From tonight (Friday, 1st April) street lights around Milton will be either off completely or dimmed from 2am to 6am. To remind you the only lights that will remain on after 2am (but will be dimmed) will be these:

  • All the lights in Cambridge Rd, Ely Rd and Landbeach Rd. (35 lights)
  • All the lights in High Street (apart from columns L14WGQ, L20WGQ & L21WGQ which will be turned off) (5 lights)
  • Benet Close – Column no. L1WGY (1 light)
  • Butt Lane – Column no. L1WGK (1 light)
  • Coles Rd – Column no. L1WHT (1 light)
  • Crane Industrial Estate – Column no. CC1 (1 light)
  • The Rowans – Column no. L1WAQ & L60WAQ (2 lights)
  • Willow Crescent – Column no. L5WGU (1 light)

If you weren’t around when this was being discussed earlier you can find more details about the operating times on the County Council web site.