Changes to Park & Ride services

A reminder that some considerable changes to the Park & Ride services came into force on Sunday (20/11). The main one affecting us in Milton is that the Green Milton Park & Ride Service 99 has been split into two parts. The PR5 starts at Milton Park & Ride as before but now terminates in the city centre.

The route into town is also changing so that it goes via Victoria Avenue and Short Street to terminate at Drummer Street so doesn’t directly serve the Grafton Centre. The return journey remains as before, other than a change of bay at the Grafton Centre.

A separate PR4 service now runs from Babraham Road into the town centre so if you use the Park & Ride service to get to Addenbrooke’s you now have to change bus in town and wait for the connecting PR4 adding extra time and inconvenience to their journey in both directions. The only good news is that your Park & Ride ticket can also be used on all other Park & Ride services so will also be valid on the PR4.

This is part of an initiative where the green route (Milton to Babraham Road) and the red route (Madingley to Newmarket Road) have each split in two and have become four new routes. You can view the complete list of changes here and we’ve also updated our Park & Ride page.