Consultation on Fen Road development

Kingswater Lindum are holding a public consultation event on Thursday 26th October 2.30pm to 7pm at the Milton Community Centre. This is showcasing their proposal to build affordable housing on land off Fen Road and providing residents the opportunity to see the plans and voice concerns or suggestions. Councillor Adam Horne has put up a web page at with the text below and some graphics showing the precise location.

The proposed development is for 36 units 100% affordable. 24 units will be affordable rent and 12 shared ownership. The landscaping of the development will be maintained by Cross Keys Homes and will be an open plan design. The only loss of vegetation will be to clear the way for the new access road. Each property will be allocated car parking spaces with the possibility of an extra 60 cars using Fen Road. The process for extra traffic using Fen Road has been followed through SCDC and Cambs County Highways.

A new pumping station and attenuation pond is to be constructed as part of the development in the east side of the field providing capacity to remove foul water from the site, this would then be discharged to the current ditch running along the field.

The land in question is the first field on the left down Fen Road which has the woods and lake of Milton Hall, now a public open space as part of the North Lodge Park development, on the far side of it. There are houses along most of the right side of Fen Road at this point and it’s also right on the edge of the flood plain (which runs along the 5m contour). All of this field is currently Green Belt.