Hotpod Yoga comes to Milton

Hotpod Yoga Cambs is opening a new studio in Milton this weekend (13th and 14th January). Launched by Pippa Davis, the new Hotpod is at Unit 105, Norman Industrial Estate, 109 Cambridge Rd, Milton.

To celebrate their new studio, Hotpod Yoga Cambs will be hosting a weekend of complementary taster classes on
the 13th and 14th January. From the 15th January, regular Hotpod Yoga Cambs classes are priced at £12 for a single
class, £50 for a 5-class pass or £90 for a 10- class pass as well as memberships available from £34 per month. All
bookings must be made in advance and online –

Hotpod yoga is “yoga designed for real life”, leaning away from today’s stereotype of bendy Instagram goddesses and green juice guzzlers. Instead customers are encouraged to adopt a yoga centred around their life; to stretch out the office hunch, release the cyclist’s hamstring, revive the partied-out festival-goer and realign the childbearing arm – to supercharge real life, whatever that may mean.

Pippa’s experience echoes this sentiment: ‘There is no yoga like Hotpod Yoga. The experience of the giant
inflatable cocoon, once you are zipped inside and the warmth envelops your body, the beautiful aromatherapy
scent seeps into your senses and the dim purple lighting soothes your frazzled mind. It’s a total switch off from the outside world, and we just don’t gift ourselves that often enough. No phones, no deadlines, no one can reach you, all you have to do is take a deep breath and settle in. The classes are small enough for the teacher to know who you are and to guide you through the class, and the vibe is relaxed and friendly. It attracts all walks of life, high flying business types to rugby players and weightlifters. I love seeing those who give so much to others, take time out for themselves and I can’t wait to continue to offer an environment for people to do so in our new Milton studio.’

For more information about Hotpod Yoga in Milton visit