New first aid after school club.

A new first aid after school club is being launched in Milton. Local company AG First Aid Training is partnering with All Saints Church to provide a first aid after school club for children from four to eleven years old. The club will run on Thursdays from 3.30pm until 4.30pm and will cost just £5 a session.

Running termly over a six week programme, the workshops will introduce children to the very basic concepts of first aid in a fun and practical way. Interactive games, activities and tasks and the use of special equipment will help further focus and development of first aid practical skills, understanding and awareness of emergency situations and learning of the ways to safely and quickly summon help.

Amelia Grant, founder of AG First Aid Training who has trained 2000+ children in Cambridgeshire schools and nurseries, said: “We aim to support and encourage knowledge of important life learning skills, by building children’s confidence, self-assurance and self-esteem.

“One in five people see someone collapse who needs CPR, and yet do not know what to do. Teaching a younger generation the basic life saving skills can help improve this statistic in the UK. Children can save lives! If we can provide opportunities and support to develop that little spark of confidence in a child to be able to do something rather than nothing, then in an emergency, more lives can be saved,”

“Teaching children first aid requires an understanding of how children react and respond quite often in emergency situations. It is important to emphasise to children just how actions need to be quick but safe. Our programme is specifically tailored with age appropriate activities that encourage confidence and the subject is delivered with careful consideration and empathy to a younger audience. It is amazing to see how younger children can do first aid and are often supported and helped by the older children in groups. Children have so much fun on this programme!”

For more information or to booking please contact Amelia Grant on or 07795 680 733.