Are these your stolen items?

The Police are releasing photographs of thousands of items of property recovered as part of an investigation into a prolific crime gang. The items are believed to have come from crimes in Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties between 9th December 2016 and 9th January 2018. The Police are seeking to reunite the items with their rightful owners. View the images at

Those who believe an item belongs to them should email with their name, date and address of offence, crime number, exhibit number/album-photo ref of property, contact details, including email address, and any receipts/proof of purchase or photographs of items.

Last month, the gang members were sentenced to a total of 71 years in jail. They had committed more than 200 burglaries, including nearly 100 in Cambridgeshire, costing victims more than £2 million pounds. Gang members would mask their faces using balaclavas and smash or force open doors or windows in broad daylight. They would steal specific items, mainly high-powered BMWs and Audis, firearms, cash and jewellery, all of which they could dispose of through contacts.

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