Consultation on the bridge over the A10

Milton Parish Council is considering whether cyclists should have to dismount when using the A10 foot bridge (Butt Lane). Currently the sign at the bottom of the bridge is only an advisory sign suggesting cyclists should dismount. The Parish Council has discussed issues raised around cyclists and
walkers using the bridge and have decided to seek your views. We will then discuss the responses received and if we feel overall the responses are in favour of a change we will contact the County Council and ask them to consider altering the bridge’s status and replacing the sign with a sign requiring cyclists to dismount.
Your views are important. Please reply to the questionnaire with your opinion on whether there should be a compulsory sign requiring cyclists to dismount, or if you feel that the current advisory sign is sufficient. Closing date for responses: 24th February 2019

Should it be made compulsory that cyclists have to dismount to cross over the A10 bridge?
Answer yes or no.

To respond by email to please put “A10 bridge” as the subject and state “Yes” or “No” in the body of the email as well as including your name and address.

If you prefer to respond by post you can download the latest Village View at! and print off and complete the form on page 7.