Ekisa online quiz on Jan 30

Ekisa UK, a Milton based charity, is organising a fun virtual quiz to raise funds. The quiz, open to individuals as well as households, will be held next Saturday, January 30, at 7pm via Zoom.

Roger Lemon, chairman of charity, said, “We are raising money for Ekisa UK, a charity based in Milton, which supports children with additional needs and disabilities in Uganda. Full details are on our website www.ekisa.org.uk. Our registered Charity Number is 116705.”

To take part, just book your tickets at https://fixr.co/event/212117244

· via Zoom 7-9 pm

· Fun! Suitable for all ages

· Join as an individual (£5*) or as a household (£14*)

· Make up a team (captain plus up to 5 others)

· Wide variety of tantalising questions

*plus small booking fee