Milton’s new “Little Library” on Coles Road

A new ‘Little Library’ has been organised by Milton resident Becky Munns on Coles Road. The library is a wonderful example of community spirit as local charity The Phoenix Trust made the library free-of-cost with donated materials from kind Milton residents to keep the books safe and protected by the elements. As the structure would have cost £150-200 to commission, the Phoenix Trust would much appreciate any donations as a thank you. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without Becky and her family generously allowing the library to be kept in their front garden on Coles Road.

With many other residents donating books to the cause, the library is now full and ready to help with your next lockdown read. You are encouraged to exchange a book if you fancy but as there is limited space, it is asked that you only donate books that you genuinely think other people would like to read. Becky also recommends that due to the COVID-19 pandemic to be careful not to crowd the library, to sanitise your hands before handling the books and to consider quarantining your chosen books for 3 days.