Milton Wombles

Have you heard of the Milton Wombles?  We are a group of volunteer litter pickers, based in Milton, and spend some of our spare time collecting litter around Milton.  Some of us collect litter when on dog walks.  Some of us take our children litter picking.


We feel constantly upset by just how awful littering is around Milton (and Milton Country Park) and, despite so many of us spending so much time trying to tidy it up, sometimes we feel like we are fighting a losing battle.


We are not an official group and we all provide our own litter picks.  We get plenty of offers of plastic bags from people around Milton, and we use these bags to collect the litter, reusing the bags as often as possible.


We have our own private Facebook group, where we share pictures of problem areas, and encourage, support and thank eachother.


We would love to spread the word and encourage more people to help with litter picking in Milton.


If you already DO litter pick, THANK YOU!


Litter pickers are welcome to join the Facebook group if you would like to.  Simply look up ‘Milton Wombles’ on Facebook.   If you would like to contact us,  but you are not on Facebook, please feel free to email ‘’.  We may be out Wombling at the time, so there may be a slight delay to your email!


We look forward to welcoming you to our litter picking group and making Milton a tidier, cleaner village.


The Milton Wombles