Long Lost Friend – Lindsay Jeevar

Hello – I’m writing from Ontario, Canada but grew up in Girton, Cambridge. I attended the Cambridge Grammar School for Girls from 1964-1968. One of my friends was called Catherine/Katherine Evenett (can’t remember if a C or a K) and she lived in Milton. I visited her house many times – was v. fond of her family, parents Muriel and Frank and brother Tim. Many weekends we went to the family caravan in Norfolk. Anyway, I totally lost track of the Evenetts and my name changed from Jeevar when I got married. A long shot but just wondering if any of this rings a bell for anyone – maybe my old friend is still in Milton but her name changed too. It’s worth a try! Would love to hear from her.

Thank you!

Lindsay Grater

lindsay.grater@gmail.com )