Dayan Qigong classes have resumed outdoor sessions

Dayan Qigong classes run by Kay White have resumed outdoor sessions at the playing fields of the Community Centre in Milton after being run online during lockdown. To enquire about availability for her weekly classes in Milton, please contact Kay via her website: Please note that these classes are for adults aged 18 or above.

Kay explains that Dayan Qigong is for those who want to get active, feel relaxed yet energetic and learn to still their mind. She says:

Dayan Qigong can help you to manage stress, release tension patterns and improve your body.This ancient Chinese skill for health may be what you didn’t know you needed. Regular attendance can help you gain resilience when faced with pain, stiffness, stress and bad habits. Medical research on traditional styles of Qigong like Dayan-style has cited health benefits of regular practice to include: relaxation, coordination, bodily awareness (mind-body functions), fatigue reduction, improved energy; pain, sleep and blood pressure improvements and/or reduced fall risk, among other benefits.