Waterbeach to Cambridge Project Update

On 1st July the GCP Executive Board approved the Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) for the Waterbeach to Cambridge Project that confirmed there is a strategic case – and public support – for a new high-quality public transport route between Waterbeach and Cambridge that would improve access to Cambridge from the north via the A10 corridor for journeys by public transport, cycling and walking.

The project team is now starting the technical work needed to take this project forward, including developing potential options for a preferred route. These will be based on the two areas of interest identified in the strategic business case – the Western area of interest and a revised central area of interest, as shown in the map below.

As part of the work to identify the preferred route we will be undertaking further stakeholder engagement later in the year. Our aim is to be able to undertake a public consultation on the preferred route for the Waterbeach to Cambridge project later next year.

The results of this consultation and stakeholder engagement will be taken to the GCP Executive Board alongside further technical work to ask them to take a decision on a preferred route.

If you want to get in touch about this project, please email us at contactus@greatercambridge.org.uk.