Chef and kitchen staff wanted at The White Horse

The White Horse pub is hiring for both a trained chef and for kitchen staff.

For the trained chef role:

“Come and join our small team here at the White Horse to help our customers enjoy their experience! We are looking for a trained chef who is willing to join the team working full time hours. Here are some details of the job: willingness to learn, genuine passion, organisation, ability to skilfully multitask, creativity, time-management, teamwork, leadership skills, high hygiene standards to keep up with our 5 star food hygiene, able to be flexible with hours, salary will depend on experience.”

For the kitchen staff role:

“Come and join our team, here are some of the details: position is for days, some weekends and evenings; good customer service; good communication skills and works well with a small team; no experience required; works well under pressure; able to be flexible with hours; happy to do a range of jobs in the kitchen, including cleaning to keep up with our 5 star food hygiene”

Please visit The White Horse in person or call them on 01223 60327 and ask for Ava or Adam.