New play equipment on Sycamores Recreation Ground

Milton Parish Council and Milton Community Centre have been working together to upgrade and refurbish the Sycamores play area and it is now open for use.

There is now a new wide slide on the bank and refurbishment of some of the older equipment has also been carried out. Please note that the roundabout will remain shut for a little while longer to allow the grass around it to grow. The project did take longer than expected due to supply issues and COVID-19 restrictions and, midway through the project, it was decided that the surface needed additional refurbishment. Therefore, extra work was required to lay protective grass mats and to re-seed it.

The cost for this project was shared equally by Milton Parish Council and Milton Community Centre, with just over £30,000 being spent on the project. They hope that it will give enjoyment to the children of Milton for many years to come.

If you have any comments, please contact the Milton Parish Council office by email or phone

Tel: 01223 861447