Pop up cycle lane in Cambridge Road

Last year, to support the recovery from COVID-19, the government drove forward a programme, through the Active Travel Fund, to put in place temporary walking and cycling schemes to help people get out and socially distance. As part of this scheme, in May 2020, the County Council a) re-painted the mandatory northbound cycle lane on Cambridge Road, b) re-painted the cycle lane markings on the eastern pavement and c) added a discretionary ‘Pop-up’ cycle lane to the southbound side. This was all done with no notification or consultation with the local community.

Whilst a) and b) were universally welcomed, the discretionary cycle lane, marked with a dashed white line, caused some concerns. The width between the lanes on Cambridge Road is too narrow for two cars to pass each other and it created safety issues for both cyclists and motorists. Northbound cars avoiding the mandatory cycle lane denoted by a solid white line are forced into the path of vehicles avoiding the discretionary pop-up lane.

Milton Parish Council have therefore asked for this ‘pop-up’ cycle lane to be removed especially as we are now through the worst of the pandemic. The removal of the cycle lane has been agreed by the County Council Highways department and will commence as soon as the contractor can arrange the work.

In its place, Milton Parish Council has been working with other partners over the last few months to find a way to introduce a 20 mph speed limit along Cambridge Road and High Street which would also include improved cycle routes where possible. Progress on this will be reported at the various stages of the discussions that are taking place. If you have any comments on this story or anything else, please contact the Milton Parish Council office by email or phone.

Tel: 01223 861447 Email: clerk@miltonvillage.org.uk