Secret Santa at the Milton Little Libraries

We’ve received the below message:

“Ho ho ho Merry Miltonians! Santa here!  I’ve taken some time out of my busy Christmas schedule to bring a little treat for you.

*** The Milton Little Library Secret Santa 2021 ***

I know how good you’ve all been this year so I’m going to leave you some lovely books in the Coles Road and Lion & Lamb Libraries to get you started.

If you would like to join in, please:
* wrap up a book that you think someone else – either adults or kids – will enjoy
* label it with approx age and indication of genre, and
* leave it in a Library between now and Christmas.

Any time on Christmas Eve and over the rest of the Christmas period, you can then take a surprise book gifted by someone else to read (and hopefully enjoy!) over your break.

It doesn’t need to be a new book – just one in good enough condition – but must be something that you genuinely enjoyed reading and think that someone else will too.

You can wrap an unwrapped book from a library and put it back if you don’t have one to gift.

There will be some squares of wrapping paper in the libraries too if you need one.

Merry Christmas One and All!”