Meeting to discuss Jubilee parties on 7th April

Residents are invited to a meeting on Thursday 7th April at 7.45pm in the upstairs rooms of Milton Community Centre to discuss plans for picnics to mark the Queen’s Jubilee weekend.

According to Sally Milligan, administrator, All Saints Church Milton, the picnics will be held on seven sites around the village, on Sunday 5th of June from 1pm. “We would like each area to have a small group of people to plan how they want their picnic to happen.  The Parish Council and MCC have kindly allowed us to use recreation grounds, so it can truly be a village event with everyone welcome. The recreation grounds are: Coles Road, The Sycamores, The Rowans (‘Telly Tubby Hill’), Humphreys Way, Froment Way, North Lodge Park and also All Saints Milton churchyard / Rectory garden,” Sally said.

“Post-Covid many people have got used to staying home and with work and life in general many of us don’t know our neighbours. This is a chance to change that. It is a one off and will not be a big time commitment. All welcome! Please come to the meeting to find out more,” she added.

This is part of the national make a difference Big Lunch events happening around the country.

If you are not able to make that date and would like more information then please contact