Author: Susan Bolt

Milton Good Companions

Milton Good Companions which until COVID 19 met at Barnabas Court on a Friday during school terms, providing activities, companionship and a good lunch for elderly residents of the village.  We would like to recommence our meetings again in the Autumn on a fortnightly basis but are in urgent need of Volunteers.  The time commitment […]

Addiction and Mental Health Helpline

Rehab 4 Addiction is a UK-based addiction and mental health helpline. We just put together a resource page for peopleliving in Cambridgeshire who may be experiencing issues with addiction and/or mental health.   You can find this resource page here: Boris Mackey, Community Outreach ManagerRehab 4 Addiction

Milton Website Changes

Milton Media has recently made a number of upgrades to the Milton website. This should mean that the website now works more quickly, but subsequently means that the team has to get to grips with the new system. Unfortunately, these changes have also affected the biweekly Milton News email newsletter and you may have noticed […]

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