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Mobile Library News

As a previous user of Cambridgeshire Mobile Library Service we wanted to let you know that your mobile library service will be on the move again week from the beginning  21st of September. We will be visiting on the usual day and time as before . Please check our visiting times by clicking on the stopping […]

New library van times

The Mobile Library visiting times in Milton have changed. 2nd Friday of every month Post Office 9.45-10.45am The Rowans 10.50-11.15am 4th Friday of every month Post Office 2.25-3.25pm Community Centre 3.30-4.30pm

Help Shape The Future Of Cambridgeshire Libraries

Since 2012, Library Service has saved £2.5m but now needs to save a further £0.5m. Previously, savings have been made from back office support, management costs, a more self-service approach, some service reductions and other efficiencies across the service. Now, they have to make some tough decisions and they are asking people for their opinions […]

More Cuts to Services

As continue with their battle to reduce their outgoings in the face of the government’s austerity programme they have now published their proposals for Economy, Transport and Environment in Cambridgeshire. You can find the full version here but the headline bullet points are as follows (with our highlighting of items likely to be of particular […]

Mobile Library Service Reduced

The county council mobile library service has been reduced so that with effect from this month (which we weren’t warned about) the visit to The Rowans on the first Friday of the month is now 10:50 to 11:15. It was previous 10:50 to 11:50. So the revised times are: 1st Friday Milton Post Office, Coles […]

Mobile Library Service Coming Early

The Mobile Library service should next visit Milton on Good Friday (6/4) so instead it’s visiting a week early this Friday (30/3) at the usual times: Milton Post Office, Coles Road 09:45-10:45 The Rowans 10:50-11:50 Thereafter it will return to normal so the next visit will be on Friday, 4th May.

Cuts to Mobile Library Service

You will remember that the County Council announced back in July that it was cutting back on its Mobile Library service and for Milton it means that from October we go from a weekly visit (Friday one week at three locations, Saturday the other week at two locations) to a bi-monthly schedule visiting two locations […]

Cuts to Mobile Library Service

The County Council has announced that it’s cutting back on its Mobile Library service from October. In a letter to your parish council they explain the reason for the cuts and the accompanying spreadsheet (MS/Excel, 188KB) has the proposed new schedule. For Milton it means we go from the current weekly visit (Friday one week […]