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Your News

Over the next few weeks a new group of people will be taking over the running of the village web site which includes Milton News and they will need your help in two ways. Firstly the ” Your News” page on the site explains how to get your news included and one of the key […]

Running the Village Web Site

The meeting proposed for this Thursday night at the pub to discuss how this could move forward has been cancelled because, at the time we did so, far more people were saying they couldn’t make it for whatever reason that those who could. We are therefore starting over with this Doodle so, if you want […]

Running the Village Web Site

As you know from our last post the future of the village web site along with Milton News and milton-chat is currently under threat. It’s since become clear that there are several people in the village who, working as a group, could continue with some or all of this so a meeting has been arranged […]

Running the Village Web Site

As you may have heard by now we will soon be leaving Milton after living here for almost 20 years. Now this leaves an interesting situation in that I’ve been largely managing the content on the village web site along with Milton News and milton-chat for a very long time and I now need to […]

Getting Your Event in Milton News

If you want to get your event into Milton News (and it is worthwhile doing so: we deliver your news via our mailing list to 597 subscribers, plus 325 people follow Milton News via Twitter, so in total it reaches around 56% of homes in Milton) then please try to get your news to us […]

New Milton Business Listings

We have two additions to the Businesses in Milton page on the village web site this week: Coffee World – coffee bean importers and roasters (open to the public from 5th August) HMC Framing – the complete framing service If your business is based in Milton and you have a web site then do let […]

New Historic Maps

We have just updated our A History of Milton in Maps to add two new maps: a 6″ to 1 mile map from the turn of the last century and a 1:25K map from just post World War 2. Both of these are based on screen shots of the rather excellent National Library of Scotland […]

milton-bus Mailing List

There was a meeting in Tuesday night of the core people running the campaign to fight to save the free bus to Impington Village college and one of their conclusions was that the campaign needed a separate list to milton-chat as discussion of the issue was starting to dominate the latter list. With this in […]

Bus Time Displays

The bus stop sign opposite Osteria/Waggon & Horses seems to have lost its connection to ground control as for few days now it’s been showing only timetable times not live bus times and the “time now” is several minutes out. We don’t know if the others are affected or if it’s just this one but […]

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