Your News

Over the next few weeks a new group of people will be taking over the running of the village web site which includes Milton News and they will need your help in two ways.

Firstly the ” Your News” page on the site explains how to get your news included and one of the key elements there is that, if you are using email rather than the form on that page, you email your news to and not to or as many of you do at the moment. This is now vital as mail to will be going to the new group (Paul writes … and I don’t want have to keep bouncing mail to me back to people. ;-)).

Secondly please do remember what it says on that page about how you write the item. It says:

News items that are sent ready to be copy and pasted into Milton News will make the editorial team smile. Plain text sent via email is greatly preferred. Please also use the third person when writing articles (e.g. “they” rather than “we”) and use twelve hour format with colons for times, not full stops (e.g. “3:30pm” not “15.30”).

If you can remember to do that it will indeed make the team smile.