New mobility course

A new mobility course is starting in Milton next month. The six week course runs 1-2pm on Wednesdays starting  Wednesday 7th August. The course will help you improve your flexibility and also teach you how to mobilise yourself.

CrossFit Coach and course leader  Jamie Benton said: “Mobilising before working out allows you to tune in with the body before each workout and make sure you have the range of motion needed to perform your exercises to the best of your ability. On this course we cover the whole body, with specific focuses on hip, back, neck,shoulders, ankles, wrist, feet and hands. Everyone can benefit from mobilisation, whatever their stage of fitness or their chosen sport.”

The course is being held at CrossFit  Stags & Does on the Norman Industrial Estate and costs £75 (£50 for Stags and Does members).


To sign up or if you have any questions please contact Jamie on 07545339290 or email