What’s Open? What’s not?

What’s Open?

  • Local pubs are offering takeaway services
  • Tesco is open from 6am-10pm Monday-Saturday, 10am-4pm on Sundays
  • Tesco: Mon, Weds & Fri 9-10am is priority time for more vulnerable and elderly customers.  Please respect this.
  • School & Kids R Us open for children of keyworkers only.

What’s Closed?

  • No public services at All Saints’ church
  • Milton Country Park is closed
  • Schools & nurseries (except for children of keyworkers)
  • Community Centre & annexe (except Kids R Us)
  • North Lodge Pavilion
  • Sycamores Youth Centre
  • Bowls Pavilion
  • Pubs, bars, restaurants, gyms, leisure centres, theatres, cinemas & nightclubs
  • Denny Abbey and National Trust sites (Anglesey Abbey, Wimpole Hall, etc.)

To connect with your neighbours at this time, keep an eye on the Milton Community Facebook group and the village website (www.milton.org.uk), which also includes the Milton News and Milton Chat email lists.